Steph is a 2011 graduate of Gettysburg College (majored in history, minored in Civil War Era studies) and current graduate student at Pratt Institute (library science with a focus in Archival Studies) who loves baseball, sports anime, writing, drawing, Rogue Squadron, cars (and Top Gear), comedy (especially its history, the British variety, and cosplaying one comedian in particular) and her cats and Old English Sheepdogs. Fond of Stanford even though she doesn't go there. Has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Created the 30-Day Baseball Meme. One time she made a music video about Buster Keaton's love affair with trains. Since she's an archivist-in-training, she often preserves things on her own. See her scans here. This is the most quality tag on her blog.

Author of the webcomic The Historians, the excuse to draw dead comedians called Comedian Heaven, and Londinium, a novel in the making set in 1863 London. Scriptwriter for the webcomic Home By Now, a story about time travel, music, history and general hijinks (meet the incredible artist here!). Tell her your birthday and she'll draw you a present!

Very occasionally posts about herself when she's not posting about baseball, dead people, Top Gear or her pets.
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questions to ask about your favourite character

  • if u gave them an office chair would they spin around on it and wheel around the room
  • how many selfies do they take
  • how much do they yell during a mario kart game

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*sees two teams I hate play each other* I hope they both lose

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just in case some people try to say they don’t trust this source: here’s usa today, the original one, and if you take a look at that you can find the professor responsible for these quotes. he teaches at the university of stirling and he has a doctorate degree in medieval history. hella

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no thank you

Oh gosh, thank you! ♡ I’m trying my best every day, honestly.

I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow

I’d honestly rather lay around and cry over my inability to meet men my age who might find me cute and want to be in a relationship with me

Thank you both so, so much, seriously. The support from you all is why I can do this!

Thinking back to that has made me realize how long we’ve been friends and how wonderful it is that you made  it past that situation.

I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my friends! It was you guys who helped me though the emotionally abusive friendship I was in and gave me the strength to leave it. I’m forever grateful. <3

I’m open about my OCD-related mental breakdown in 2009 because people deserve to see that these things happen and that they’re not something to be stigmatized. Yes, I came close to not making it out alive, and yes, it’s hard to relive those memories, but if I can help to make mental illness less stigmatized or show others that they are not alone, it’s worthwhile for me.


erase the stigma

This is exactly why I’m so open about mine. I want you all to know that your mental experiences are valid and deserve to be taken seriously. Your problems are just as real as anyone else’s.

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(happily watches tennis to put off grad school readings)

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★★★ For Ells!
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Aha, yay!


  • Her hair is completely natural and sticks up like that on its own. Nobody is sure why, but they do know it’s hereditary since she gets it from her dad, who she resembles very closely. At its highest point, her hair’s about 7 inches tall.
  • She started her auto racing career as a teenager doing hillclimbs in New Hampshire on the weekends. Her dad was her first co-driver, but she tried out various friends in the role until she and Clyde met at the historical society and he was the perfect fit.
  • She didn’t go far from home for college - the Boston resident got her history degree at Boston University, although she occasionally traveled during school breaks for restoration workshops. Her actual job at the historical society involves restoration work, and as expected she specializes in vehicles.

There’s a lot more on this majestic dork here!



Firefighter Danae Mines just broke through one of the FDNY’s most hallowed glass ceilings

New York City firefighter Danae Mines is the first woman to appear in the FDNY’s annual Calendar of Heroes, which features different firefighters in various locations for each month of the year.

The calendar is notorious for its photos of shirtless male firefighters; its yearly release is usually met with applause and long lines of people waiting to snag copies.

Why she’s a rarity in the FDNY

I’m not into calendars unless they’re hot air balloons or trains in them but you freaking go for it Danae!

bokuto and akaashi’s relationship be like:


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i was gonna stop drawing but then i had to wait for my electric blanket to warm up so here is anime scene redraw

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