Steph is a 2011 graduate of Gettysburg College (majored in history, minored in Civil War Era studies) and current graduate student at Pratt Institute (library science with a focus in Archival Studies) who loves baseball, sports anime, writing, drawing, Rogue Squadron, cars (and Top Gear), comedy (especially its history, the British variety, and cosplaying one comedian in particular) and her cats and Old English Sheepdogs. Fond of Stanford even though she doesn't go there. Has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Created the 30-Day Baseball Meme. One time she made a music video about Buster Keaton's love affair with trains. Since she's an archivist-in-training, she often preserves things on her own. See her scans here. This is the most quality tag on her blog.

Author of the webcomic The Historians, the excuse to draw dead comedians called Comedian Heaven, and Londinium, a novel in the making set in 1863 London. Scriptwriter for the webcomic Home By Now, a story about time travel, music, history and general hijinks (meet the incredible artist here!). Tell her your birthday and she'll draw you a present!

Very occasionally posts about herself when she's not posting about baseball, dead people, Top Gear or her pets.
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toumaki + tumblr text posts

i understand this thing has been pretty much done to death but i just rly wanted to make some so y’know what? sue me lmao

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More Bokuto and Akaashi. I’m still not sure I understand Bokuto’s hair.

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HORI-SENPAI??? ?? pls be my senpai

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hakogaku promoting ooedo onsen monogatari ☆

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no but imagine Shinkai staying up late watching crime shows as Izumida falls asleep snuggled into him on the couch


Yowamushi Pedal Calendar 2014: May and June

Oh, yeah, that shirt I bought that I totally didn’t buy because of Yowapeda got here today.

…okay, I bought it because of Yowapeda. But I’m actually a cyclist now too so I guess I can pretend I didn’t.

It’s like…they fit too well for it not to be suspect.

it’s been 12 hours and I’m still not over how well Toudou and Maki can be put together in the latest official art


you can only see the photoshopping where their arms are linked but it’s like they were meant to be put together like that and it makes me so happy


things that make me happy:

  • people being interested in my ocs
  • people liking my ocs
  • people asking about my ocs
  • people drawing my ocs
  • People wasting their time , on my ocs. thank you

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Next Wednesday marks fifty years to the day since Mary Poppins floated onto the screen and into the hearts of moviegoers around the world. The film’s premiere at Grauman’s Theatre in Hollywood on 27 August, 1964 was a star-studded affair and, in Julie’s case, a star-making one, heralding not only her big screen debut but her meteoric launch to global superstardom as everyone’s favourite nanny.

The current powers-that-be at Disney seem content to let this red-letter—or maybe that should be gold-letter—date pass with minimal fanfare but not here in the Parallel Julieverse where August 27 has been declared an “International Jolly Holiday”. The bunting is already up around town and grand festivities are planned to celebrate Mary’s Golden Jubilee with singalongs, tea parties, kite flying, carousel horse races, and nightly fireworks displays courtesy of Admiral Boom. If you want to come and join the fun, it’s easy: just think, wink, do a double blink, close your eyes, and jump!

Meanwhile, in the lead-up to August 27, keep your eyes peeled for a few more posts here in the Parallel Julieverse as we celebrate this most jubilant of jubilees!

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