Steph is a 2011 graduate of Gettysburg College (majored in history, minored in Civil War Era studies) and current graduate student at Pratt Institute (library science with a focus in Archival Studies) who loves baseball, sports anime, writing, drawing, Rogue Squadron, cars (and Top Gear), comedy (especially its history, the British variety, and cosplaying one comedian in particular) and her cats and Old English Sheepdogs. Fond of Stanford even though she doesn't go there. Has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Created the 30-Day Baseball Meme. One time she made a music video about Buster Keaton's love affair with trains. Since she's an archivist-in-training, she often preserves things on her own. See her scans here. This is the most quality tag on her blog.

Author of the webcomic The Historians, the excuse to draw dead comedians called Comedian Heaven, and Londinium, a novel in the making set in 1863 London. Scriptwriter for the webcomic Home By Now, a story about time travel, music, history and general hijinks (meet the incredible artist here!). Tell her your birthday and she'll draw you a present!

Very occasionally posts about herself when she's not posting about baseball, dead people, Top Gear or her pets.
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The Enigma of Amigara Fault is a creepy comic by Junji Ito. When many man shaped holes suddenly appear on the sides of a mountain, it causes thousands of people from all over the world to gather, then things get very twisted.

Read the full comic here. Be sure to read from right to left, instead of left to right.

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