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I love this series of images of Clara Bow for a number of reasons. The first, obviously, is that I absolutely adore and live for baseball. The second? Clara played quite a bit of baseball when she was growing up in Brooklyn.

In her own words (well, maybe Adela Rogers St. John’s - no relation to Al - words), from Motion Picture Classic in 1928:

We lived then, and all the rest of the time we stayed in Brooklyn, in the upstairs of a house on a side street in an ordinary neighborhood. I went to the nearest public school and played in the streets like the other children. I always played with the boys. I never had any use for girls and their games. I never had a doll in all my life. But I was a good runner, I could beat most of the boys and I could pitch. When they played baseball in the evening in the streets, I was always chosen first and I pitched.

And there you have it. The girl could pitch with the best of them. Clara, you’re awesome.

Image sources are in the captions.

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