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Author of the webcomic The Historians, the excuse to draw dead comedians called Comedian Heaven, and Londinium, a novel in the making set in 1863 London. Scriptwriter for the webcomic Home By Now, a story about time travel, music, history and general hijinks (meet the incredible artist here!). Tell her your birthday and she'll draw you a present!

Very occasionally posts about herself when she's not posting about baseball, dead people, Top Gear or her pets.
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Kid brother is back up at school and setting up his apartment today, but yesterday he got some help packing from Barnaby and Louise.



These leafdogs soothe my soul

this is the highest level of wizard


(via colonelcheru)

The AMNH library had a two-volume series of dog breed books out on display, so naturally I hunted this part down.

the most important breed okay

In case anyone ever wondered what a sheepdog looks like with a summer cut.

Yes, Barnaby has spots! He has natural highlights in his hair and they show up as spots when his hair is short.

Since it’s World Cup season, here’s Louise playing soccer/football with my kid brother. She loves chasing the ball down. Or him. It’s actually probably him she loves chasing down.

Before and after! I love groomer scissors.

I’m also glad I’ve found a real-life use for my ability to style cosplay wigs.

The groomer had to reschedule. I think I need to step in and trim their hair a bit so they can actually see.


I love coming home to this.

believe it or not Louise is a living breathing dog

why am I allowed to put things on my dog’s head

Louise really doesn’t seem like she’s real.

Dog photo quality has improved vastly.

Louise was sitting on me and it was really difficult to navigate the tablet around to get a picture of her cute face.