Steph is a 2011 graduate of Gettysburg College (majored in history, minored in Civil War Era studies) and current graduate student at Pratt Institute (library science with a focus in Archival Studies) who loves baseball, sports anime, writing, drawing, cycling, Rogue Squadron, cars (and Top Gear), comedy (especially its history, the British variety, and cosplaying one comedian in particular) and her cats and Old English Sheepdogs. Fond of Stanford even though she doesn't go there. Has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Created the 30-Day Baseball Meme. One time she made a music video about Buster Keaton's love affair with trains. Since she's an archivist-in-training, she often preserves things on her own. See her scans here. This is the most quality tag on her blog.

Author of the webcomic The Historians, the excuse to draw dead comedians called Comedian Heaven, and Londinium, a novel in the making set in 1863 London. Scriptwriter for the webcomic Home By Now, a story about time travel, music, history and general hijinks (meet the incredible artist here!). Tell her your birthday and she'll draw you a present!

Very occasionally posts about herself when she's not posting about baseball, dead people, Top Gear or her pets.
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I got tagged twice in the same meme, so I’ve got 22 questions to answer! I guess I should get right to that, then!

tag 1 | tag 2

  1. Favourite non primary colour? Green. Nearly everything I own is green, including about 90% of my wardrobe that isn’t sports-related clothing. Somehow, I have had my car for seven years and have not repainted it green.
  2. If you could pick one film to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be? That’s a really, really tough call because I wouldn’t want to give up any comedians over other ones, but I’d probably end up taking Bedazzled or The Wrong Box because…yeah. Alternative would be Way Out West because again…yeah.
  3. If you could travel back in time, which era would you choose to visit? 1863 England so I could get primary source material to finish Londinium with. Alternatively, I’d stalk comedians so I could talk to them directly and become the greatest comedy historian of all time.
  4. What would your superpower be?, and why? This is going to sound stupid, but I’d genuinely like to be the fastest, most efficient archival processor in the West.
  5. If your life was made into a film, who would play you? (can be a OH actor/actress) That’s a really, really good question since I’ve never seen anyone famous who looks like me before. If I were restricted to OH, the closest in terms of personality and sense of humor is Carole Lombard, but she’s too awesome to be me.
  6. Planes or boats? I can’t swim well and I get nauseous during landing on planes, so I tend to try to drive everywhere I can, actually. I also genuinely like trains.
  7. What is your favourite quote? "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." ~ Victor Borge (I wrote the entire plot of Londinium as it currently stands around this quote.)
  8. What is your dream job? Archivist at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC (or at Cooperstown or at the American Comedy Archives).
  9. What is your favourite pass-time? Reading, writing, drawing, and driving my car.
  10. Do you play an instrument, if so, what? I played the flute in middle school. I was rubbish at it. My only regret in life is that I can’t play the piano. Your fault, Dudley.
  11. Night or day? For reasons I can’t explain, I’m more productive at night.
  12. Do you have a dream car? If so, what is it? Oh, I’ve got a lot. The short list: Bugatti Veyron SS, Bugatti Type 35, 1960s Mini Cooper S, Bowler Wildcat, any Morgan, and a lovely Duesenberg for leisurely drives on Sundays. I’m pretty sure this is why I shouldn’t win the lottery.
  13. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Here in NYC (I live in a suburb, admittedly, but I’d love to live in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan), Brookline in Boston, London, Oxford, or, strangely enough, Finland.
  14. Which do you more prefer, cities or rural land? Cities for living in, rural land for getting away. I’ve spent my life in suburbia, which is a good mix of both, so I’m fortunate that way.
  15. Do you see yourself as an Introvert or Extrovert? This may surprise people based on how the internet makes me seem, but I’m actually very introverted in real life. Online, I’m a lot more open about things and a lot more outgoing, but in real life my social anxiety tends to kick in and keep me quieter.
  16. Are you afraid of spiders? I’m the one in charge of letting anything that shouldn’t be in my house back outside without killing it, so nope.
  17. Do you have a favorite holiday? Which is it? Thanksgiving, in all seriousness. I like the fact that people can get together with loved ones without stressing over what to buy for them.
  18. Have you ever gone to a concert? If so, who was your first show? I’ve been to my fair share, but my first concert was an accidental one - Mom thought we were getting tennis tickets with a halftime show and it turned out there was no tennis and just a Village People-Beach Boys double bill. My first concert with the intent to attend one was Britney Spears when I was in 4th grade or so.
  19. If you were given the choice to magically be transformed into a child again for one week, would you? If it would make my stress go away for a week, sure! Anything to not be an adult for a while…
  20. If you could be magically transported into a particular book/movie or tv show, having it become the real world, which book/film/show would you choose to visit/live in? Oh geez, there are too many…there are so many characters I’d want to visit just to tell them thank you for helping me survive middle and high school, when people were the worst to me. It would mean everything to me to be able to thank those characters personally.(The LOTR and Sharpe casts come to mind especially.)
  21. What is the worst movie you’ve ever sat through just to watch your favorite actor/actress who was in it? I refuse to watch Atoll K for this exact reason. In terms of things I have sat through, it’d probably be that time I went to see Troy because there were a lot of actors from LOTR and Sharpe in it and Sean Bean was playing Odysseus so I knew for once he wouldn’t die.
  22. If you found a lamp which contained a genie who would grant you three wishes, what would those wishes be? This is an easy one right now: 1) pay off my student loans. 2) let me get an archiving job. 3) let said job earn me enough money to move out with my cat.

Whew! There we go!


its never too early for “a cynical year in review of tumblr memes” post


its never too early for “a cynical year in review of tumblr memes” post

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  • A compliment
  • A story
  • Why you follow me
  • If you met me what would you do
  • A cute message
  • One thing you want to tell me
  • One thing you want to know about me

Go ahead, I suppose! Also, you can do this over at the CH Tumblr too since they’re enjoying answering your questions (they’re working on one right now!).

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characters pairings shows objects jokes memes games etc

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Put one character or ship and one of these symbols (or more) in my ask box, and I’ll let you know the following for that character/ship:

 : Sleep headcanon

 : Drinking/drunk headcanon

 : Childhood headcanon

 : Genderbent headcanon

 : Sex headcanon

 : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

 : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)

 :  Cooking headcanon

 : Mood headcanon

 : Any other question of your choosing

Okay, this one could actually be fun…

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1) Go to YouTube
2) Search “do the harlem shake”
3) I know you’ve seen the videos, just do it


oh my god.

This is actually pretty great on YouTube’s part.

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oh my god




I love the internet.

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I’m extremely crushed over this.


I’m not watching it, I’m just posting it to prove that it exists. It’s also the first thing that comes up as a suggestion when you type ‘59 minutes’ into YouTube, which is really sad.

I mean, meme. I know you’re asking people this objectively and all, but everyone knows Satan’s last name is Spiggott.

I love the internet.

I love the internet.

Casey tagged me, so you get to learn eleven more things about me, guys!

I’m still recovering from my concussion, so I’m not going to tag any of you right now, but if you want to do this meme, what you do is answer the eleven questions I add to it and then make up eleven of your own and pass it along/tag eleven people!

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Komi got me this time!

Rule 1 - Post the rules.

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Just as a heads-up here are the people I’m tagging with my new questions if you choose to do them.  :]












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Aaah, lemme set up a new post to answer these really quickly…it should be funny since I’m still mildly concussed.

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Armo and Julien in a nutshell. (This works because the Dolan comics are of Finnish origin, geddit?)